New! Group Healing Sessions

 Discover the power of group healing and transformation in our ‘live’ bi-monthly Zoom sessions, designed to release blocked emotional triggers and invite positive change.

About the Sessions

I invite you to join me for a transformative group healing experience twice a month. During this time, I will offer specific themes that can affect our emotional well-being and dismantle deep-rooted triggers one by one. Each 1-hour session addresses common challenges such as fear of rejection, dealing with loss, guilt, self-doubt, perfectionism, and more, helping you release and align with inner peace and positivity.

What to Expect

Each session begins with a grounding minute to get centered and prepare for the healing journey. After briefly discussing the theme for this particular day, we start with our healing session while uncovering and gently releasing blocked energy within our group, assisting in deep emotional and energetic cleansing.

Session Themes

Our sessions cover a comprehensive range of themes that support many of the challenges people face, especially in a group setting. These carefully chosen themes address daily emotional difficulties, creating a collective healing experience
that is both impactful and uplifting.

Here are some ‘Theme’ examples:

  • Releasing Fear and Anxiety
  • Letting Go of Guilt and Shame
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt
  • Healing from Emotional Trauma
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs
  • Open your Heart to Loving Self
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity
  • Releasing Chronic Stress
  • Saying Goodbye to Perfectionism


We complete each session with several deep cleansing breaths, followed by a positive affirmation or short meditation, leaving you feeling renewed and empowered.

How to Join Group Sessions

To join our healing group sessions, sign up below to get on the waiting list. You’ll receive an email with the date and a sign-up link when new sessions start. Secure your spot now and continue your transformative healing journey with a supportive, like-minded community!

Each Group Healing Session – ONLY $75 per person