Hi, I’m Angela!

Everybody has a STORY; mine begins with TRAUMA, REJECTION and HEARTACHE

Born in Switzerland, raised in Germany, and planted in the US since my early twenties, I now cherish being an ‘Oma’ (grandma) to 8 beautiful grandchildren. Naturally, I love to smile, give hugs, and enjoy everything ‘holistic.’ Life wasn’t always easy growing up in a strict German home. Unfortunately, daily emotional trauma and physical discipline were the norm and continued throughout my adulthood and marriage.

After decades of fear, rejection, heartache, and never feeling good enough, my stuck emotions festered deep inside my cells to the point where my body shut down physically, emotionally, and mentally, leaving me barely able to walk! That is why I genuinely understand how abuse can surface in many different forms, even decades later. Unaddressed trauma can take an enormous toll on us at the deepest levels within our mind, soul, and emotional being. That said, there is always a flicker of HOPE!

I wholeheartedly believe that for every problem, there is a solution, regardless of how dim a situation may look. I am living proof! While being intrigued by my own improvements, primarily through releasing stuck emotions, negative beliefs, and lots of prayers, I began studying aromatherapy to balance my inner well-being. I now have the privilege of working with many clients across the Globe and am delighted by their physical and emotional improvements! Much Light and Love, Angela

What They Say

Breakthrough with Clarity and Self-confidence.

When I first came to Angela, I had several wonderful business opportunities in front of me, but because of my anxiety, I was doubting my ability to successfully achieve them.

She worked with me to identify and release the limiting beliefs and stuck emotions that were keeping me trapped. I was pleasantly surprised how letting of these go could allow me to take action with confidence.

Angela is incredibly gifted, not only with her amazing skills and training but also with her deep intuition. She is my ‘go-to’ person whenever I’m feeling stuck because I know I’ll walk away with more clarity and a breakthrough.

Barbara Gustavson

Personal Development and Brain Health Coach , Discover Next Step

Lifelong Rejection’ Released and Feeling Great!

I have been so fortunate to utilize many healing techniques from gifted practitioners through the years. For me, Angela’s skill and compassionate delivery of ‘Energy Medicine Techniques’ has helped me progress at rapid rates.

It’s like she is doing the heavy lifting of a front loader to dig out the negative cruddy vibrations while simultaneously using a precision tool, like a diamond setter, to bring beautiful healing light and thoughts to my psyche and spirit.

Going through severe rejection in my childhood had me stuck all through my adulthood in so many ways. However, the art of “emotional healing’ is intense work, but Angela makes it easier because of her supportive ways.

She is gentle, funny, straightforward, and always connected to God’s highest good. And the Emotion/Body Code is incredible in what it detects that keeps us from being our best selves. I’m so grateful to Angela and her full tool kit of healing modalities, and I feel now so much lighter than ever before.

Laura P.

Occupational Therapist , Virginia

Found my passion for life again!

I could go on and on, but I know a testimonial should be fairly short. I hope this says it all.

Angela has been such an integral and joyful part of my healing journey! After being intertwined within and among years of family deaths, and emotional, psychological, and physical illnesses and traumas.

I came to Angela to help me find my way again. I had gone into survival mode by shoving down and burying my emotions until I barely knew who I was anymore. Angela has guided me in processing my emotions in a loving and supportive environment, all while exuding joy and compassion. Her combined skill and natural talent as an Emotion/Body Code Practitioner and Aromatherapist have truly helped me find my passion for life once again. I love this woman!

Denise P.

Occupational Therapist , Virginia